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           Bill Clinton Is Not The Father of Chelsea!

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    Is Obama Setting Us Up For A Global War Against Islam?

Some Call It Armageddon!

By Larry Nichols

     One need not be a military genius to know that, thanks to our President, Barack Hussein Obama, the Middle East is now in a state of chaos. While Obama has been presented to us as the man the world has been waiting for, the current Middle Eastern turmoil that he has facilitated may have grave consequences for the American people. Americans have no desire to fight another war in Iraq, nor should we wish to do so. But Americans must become aware of the fact that the current chaos in Iraq poses a serious threat to the American economy and our way of life. 

     The Sunni militant group known as ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) and related groups have already taken control of most, if not all, of northern Iraq. Mosul is now under the control of ISIS, and The Central Bank of Mosul and other banks have been seized, providing these radical Islamic fundamentalists with approximately $450 million to fund their military adventures. Even more disturbing, they have all but taken possession of the major oil fields in this area. So, ISIS is now in control of the largest oil reserve in Iraq, and the second largest in the Middle East. As of this writing they have also seized control of border crossing cities that lead into Syria and Jordan.

     You may wonder why this is important to Americans. Well, Syria is already in a state of turbulence. Also, President Assad of Syria has an ample supply of chemical weapons, and he has already used those weapons against his own people. Because Syria is in such an unstable condition, it could fall into the hands of the rebels who want to expand beyond Syria’s border, something which President Assad has shown no tendency to do.

     Jordan, on the other hand, is one of America’s most reliable allies in the region, second only to Israel. Unfortunately, Jordan could not repel an aggressive force like the one now overtaking Iraq. The collapse of Jordan would be a major destabilizing factor in that region, and it could be invaded by ISIS at any time. Without Jordan, the noose tightens around Israel, which is already surrounded by enemies committed to her destruction. In addition, while ISIS is now in Iraq, it is only about 100 miles from the largest oil field in Saudi Arabia, and it could march into that country whenever it chooses to do so.

     The Royal Family of Saudi King Abdullah has held the Wahhabi Sunni population of that country in poverty for many years. Consequently, the current military achievements by fellow Sunnis in Iraq could easily motivate the Wahhabi Sunnis of Saudi Arabia to overthrow the Saudi Royal Family. If the Sunni militants take control of or seriously damage the world’s largest oil field in Saudi Arabia, the fall of the Saudi Royal Family would be inevitable. With the overthrow of Saudi King Abdullah, the Middle East would become a wild killing field. In addition, Israel would be totally alone and surrounded by enemies who now have a seemingly unlimited supply of money from their newly confiscated oil fields. Currently the Sunni militants are moving very deliberately and are slow to attack Baghdad or invade southern Iraq. They know this would most certainly draw the Shiite country of Iran into the fray.

     All this Middle Eastern chaos constitutes a frightening state of affairs to informed Americans. We now face the real possibility that the entire Middle Eastern oil supply could fall into the hands of Islamic fundamentalists. This would make Islam one of the wealthiest and most powerful forces in the world. Because they view Israel as “Satan” and America as the “Great Satan,” the entire world could be thrown into a state of chaos. Israeli leaders understand the seriousness of this threat, but, unfortunately, America’s leaders seem clueless, or perhaps even complicit! 

     While America faces a genuine threat to our Middle Eastern oil supply, our President has refused to allow America to develop the XL oil pipeline that would make us less dependent on oil now imported from that part of the world. By generating our own oil supply line we could reduce and even eliminate the leverage Islam may soon exercise over our nation. It’s becoming more and more difficult to determine which side Obama is on. After all, it was Obama who set the Arab Spring loose in the Middle East, and he has failed to develop a strategy to stop the destruction of the entire Middle East and its oil-rich nations.

     Imagine what would happen to our economy and our way of life if America is cut off from Middle Eastern oil. Keep in mind that, if we help Israel defend herself against the ring of fire that is now surrounding her, ISIS and its allies will certainly retaliate against us, and they would most certainly do so by hitting us hard in the pocketbook. Will the America people continue to stand with Israel if the price for a barrel of oil is driven so high that we are required to pay $10 for gallon of gasoline? Obama has already shown that he is no friend to Israel, and Congress will do whatever the big oil companies demand of it to prevent ISIS from cutting off their Middle Eastern oil supply.

     I guess what I’m saying is that we are looking at the possibility of a global war waged by Islam against Christian nations, and eventually against all the non-Islamic nations of the world. Some may call this World War III, but others will call it Armageddon! How would a global war with Islam be different from the traditional wars we have fought in the past? We have no idea what will be unleashed upon this world if Obama continues to communicate to the Muslin world that their God is greater than our God! These issues may be addressed in a future article.


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