Under Attack

How The Tea Party Can Fight Back And Win!

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     Time Is Short. The Midterm Elections Are Upon Us! Act Now!

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Annotated Handbook
Table of Contents



This handbook is designed to give the reader some simple tools that may be used to  reverse the loss of our liberties and stop the destruction of our nation from within!

Chapter One: What Is Actually Happening With Washington. How It Has Changed And Why!

Chapter Two
: The United States Congress! What Value Does It Actually Have Today? Who Changed Its Role As A Co-Equal Branch of Government?

Chapter Three
:  Does The United States of America Still Exist, And Do The American People Still Have Any Rights?

Chapter Four
:  Why The Pledge Of Allegiance Is A Lie Today!

Chapter Five:  What Is The Tea Party? How Can It Survive Now That Both National Parties Have Sworn To Destroy It?

Chapter Six:  Immigration: It’s Not About Jobs; It’s About Cancelling Out Your Vote!

Chapter Seven:  The Media! What Is The Role of Newspapers, Magazines, Radio, And The Internet?

Chapter Eight:  What Role Does God Have In Our Government Today?

Chapter Nine:  The Righteous Are As Bold As A Lion!

The Bible says we are to be as bold as a lion. However, author Jeff Snyder says we are a “Nation of Cowards,” and titled his book with those words. In addition, Judge Andrew P. Napolitano titled one of his books, “A Nation of Sheep.” What are you: A coward, a sheep, or a lion?


Chapter Ten:  The Role Each American Must Play If We Are To Win Back Our Freedom!

A Special Message!

For those seeking guidance and inspiration during these challenging times, Pastor Ernie Sanders, President of the Geauga County Tea Party in Ohio, has provided some encouraging words from the Bible.


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